This is my home page. Here you can see my projects and hobbies!
I am Kotlin Adnroid developer, also I am programming backend on Python, study Swift and iOS coding. I love KMM (if you know that is it!!) and dreaming of rewriting my projects in shared codebase.

My applications

I have several applications made for myself and published in the most common application stores such as Google Store and Huawei AppGallery.

Temperature and pressure diary

An application that allows you to record changes in temperature, pressure and other indicators of the body. Record your daily changes in body indicators in order to be healthy and not to forget anything.
Google PlayStore

Interval timer

An application that allows you to create presets for different active sports, such as workouts, workout, yoga, tabata and others. Ease of use and minimalism are the main advantages of our application.
Google PlayStore
Huawei AppGallery

RSYA rewards

Obtaining statistics on reward for the use of YAN (Yandex Advertising Service), visual display of information in relative and absolute values. Ability to build graphs, a compact customizable widget for viewing absolute reward for a selected time interval.
Google PlayStore
Huawei AppGallery

My app list

The cataloger program for installed non-system applications, with the assignment of categories, comments and tags, creating a set of favorite applications. The ability to create a backup in the cloud (Google account), restore from a copy, delete selected applications, the ability to upload the installation file (apk) for any application.
Google PlayStore


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